Dave and I ventured out to Enoshima Island today for two reasons.

1. Luke’s Lobster Roll.

2. Clear winter skies are the best to see Mt. Fuji.

Yes, that’s right. A Maine lobster roll in Japan. It took us 54 minutes and 3 trains. Have no doubt, it was worth it.

I’m extra glad we went when we did. According to the sign out front, they are closing Luke’s on January 31st. So, sad. I see at least one more lobster roll in my future.

After lunch, we walked over to Enoshima Island to check out Mt. Fuji. And the view was amazing. We have never been able to see the whole mountain, let alone the mountains in the foreground.  It was spectacular.

Our goal was to see Mt. Fuji from the Sea Candle. The Sea Candle is the top point in the picture below. If you remember, Dina and I went to Enoshima Island when it wasn’t clear. Winter in this part of Japan means lots of sunshine, low humidity and clear skies. It might be the best winter I’ve ever experienced.

To gain access to the Sea Candle, requires purchasing a ¥500 ticket. The ticket gives you access to the gardens and Sea Candle. The gardens were a surprise! They were full of tulips!

Our trip to the Sea Candle was pretty amazing. This is the clearest we have ever seen Mt. Fuji.

I obviously had to take serval pictures. It was just too beautiful.

When you visit, we will definitely go to Enoshima Island. We will take the monorail to get there.  Here is a quick video from the front of the train. It was like riding the “Big Bad Wolf” at Busch Gardens without the roller coaster effect!

Simultaneously, I must help you set expectations. Prepare for clouds. Hope for clear skies. Regardless, it is such a fun area, you won’t be disappointed on our trip!