The Sasuke Inari Shrine is known as the “White Fox Shrine.” The Shrine is located in Kamakura and very well hidden. My neighbor invited me to go this morning with two other spouses. We drove because the temple is off the beaten path and not convenient to a train station. I put a gold ⭐️ on the location of Shrine. I know this area well and if you are interested visiting during your stay, we can incorporate stopping during one of our Kamakura hikes. It is very close to the Zeniarai Benzaiten Shrine, the money washing shrine I went to with Dina last month.

According to legend, an Inari (white fox) came to the first Shogun of Kamakura, Minamoto Yoritomo, in a dream and advised him when to attack his enemies. He followed the advice of the Inari and was victorious over his enemies. To show his gratitude, Minamoto Yoritomo built the Sasuke Inari Shrine in the 12th century.

The steps leading to the shrine are flanked with Tori gates.

Climbing the steps to the temple was like traveling back into a different era.

Being located on top of a steep hill made the Shrine easier to defend against attacks. When you reach the top of the stairs, you are transported to a fox loving world.

A hand drawn map of the Shrine peaked my curiosity. It appeared to identify small shrines within the shrine.

I walked around the main building and more stairs led me to a shrine on the hill. So many foxes!

Walking around and down the side steps revealed another miniature shrine.

As I continued down, I came across a super cute fox village. The moss covered stone houses were captivating.

Heading down the steps through the Torii gates transported us back to modern times.

And back to my friend’s car where a local Japanese resident had taped a piece of paper with “no parking” written on it to the window. Guess I will definitely walk next time!!