Remember back in the day when we got our first cell phone – the flip phone! I’m pretty certain this might surprise you, the Japanese love the flip phone. Yep. In a country where you would think technology prevails, the flip phone is ever prevalent. This isn’t to say you won’t see a smart phone, you definitely will. You will see a lot more flip phones!

The great thing about a flip phone, they have a spot for a charm! Do you vaguely remember there was a small spot where you could loop a charm to hang from your phone. The Japanese continue to market cell phone charms. They are everywhere. Usually ¥100-¥300. Cheap and cute. I started collecting them because they are just so kawaii. I’m sure you’re wondering why me, a happy iPhone owner, would need cell phone charms. To decorate a Christmas tree, of course!!

I know, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. I just couldn’t resist. I was excited to display all my charms from the past 3.5 months.

I have collected them from our various adventures. Like to the Cup Noodle Museum.

Also, a couple to celebrate climbing Mt. Fuji. Nothing says Japan like Hello Kitty on Mt. Fuji.

One of the Seven Lucky Gods.

A couple of Daibutsu (Great Buddha).

And Ushiku Daibutsu– The tall standing Buddha near Tokyo.

Sumo wrestlers!

Lucky cats!

Kimono Shoes

Kokeshi Dolls

Cute Japanese men in hats.

Red Lantern

Angry Japanese Sea Hawks

One more – Hello Kitty in a bowl of Ramen!

It’s cuteness overload. The best thing, I still have plenty of room for additional charms! Good thing, because I still have 2.5+ years of adventure to add to my collection.