I thought I would keep it simple for a Friday. Dina and I hiked Mt. Takatori this morning hoping to see Sakura. We were a little too early. We only saw a few.

In a week or so, the main tree lined street will be amazing. We walked to the Buddha and then back home.

I was expecting Sakura. What I wasn’t expecting was the range of emotions when I saw the Buddha. Seeing her, I experienced a variety of unexpected emotions. The last time I saw this Buddha was on a hike in early October. Almost six months ago. Standing there, I realized how many experiences I have had and how much confidence I have gained over the past few months. I felt very proud, fortunate, and humbled.

Do you see the tiny yellow daffodil specks at the base of the Buddha? These little guys are barely visable to the left of the offering. An up close picture that removes all perspective. 

Yet again, I feel a direct connection and representation to my favorite flower. The daffodils are so small and Buddha is so large. They are a tiny blot on the rock of Buddha. I am only a tiny speck on Earth. My presence is small and the universe is greater. 

I could go on and on… But, enough. I promised a simple Friday. Kanpie!