Kamakura is a town rich with Temples. I have been to several already to include the Great Buddha. Feeding my pseudo-obsession with discovering more about temples, Dina and I went to the Bamboo Temple (Hōkokuji Temple) and Jomyoji Temple in Kamakura. 

The Bamboo Temple is a Zen temple established in 1334. In the Gardens are several Zen gardens and a Mōsō bamboo forest. The Mōsō Bamboo is the largest species of bamboo and in the garden was over 2,000 trees. To give you a little science, a bamboo forest originate from one tree. The bamboo forest is one giant organisms. (Like the Aspen Tree) It was lovely. In the brochure they provided, I found this perfect quote. “We wish your visit to this temple will bring you peace of mind.” With so much beauty, how could it not? Here was the entrance. 

First meditation garden

The bamboo forest. 

The larger Zen garden 

This tree looked like a giant bonsai. 

Another Zen garden. 

The main building where meditation is held on Sundays. 

A few more forest shots & us! 

Our next stop was the Jomyoji Temple. Another Zen temple built in 1188 and a national historic site. Beautiful gardens.  

The main gate. 

The main building. 

And more gardens. 

By the time we finished our meditative walking, we were ready for lunch! Dina suggested a Farm to Table restaurant in Kamakura. It was delicious. I had an open faced mushroom & bacon sandwich. 

When you come visit, which ever temple we visit first, we will purchase a temple stamp book. Then when we visit each temple you can have you book stamped to commemorate your visit. Dina schooled me on the temple stamp book today. Can’t wait to get started! 

A side note – as we were walking to the Jomyoji Temple, a local Japanese lady asked us where we were from. “Chicago, United States” is always my reply. She then communicated in broken English about the election. She said “Tump” (no r in the Japanese language) and put her arms in a big X and said, “baaah.” Haha. Yes, I said “Trump bad person.” “Hite (yes) Clin-Ton not good either.” She said. Haha. Pretty funny. In case you were wondering, the whole world will be watching the U.S. on Election Day. Simultaneously, I am proud to Dave and I both, “sent our vote home” last month.  #wevoted