The Miura Peninsula has several great hiking trails that provide magnificent views. Here is a picture of The Miura peninsula, we are the blue dot near Zushi.  The naval base is in Yokosuka. My journey today took me to the bottom middle, where I have placed a gold star and green marker.

Today, I invited my new friend, Sonia, to join me on a hike through the Miura Hills. We took the train to the Tsukuihama train station and then walked to the trail head marked with the green marker. There are two distinct peaks in the Miura Hills –  Mt. Miurafuji and Mt. Takeyama. These two peaks are connected by a network of trails and on a clear day, from  Mt. Miurafuji you can see Mt. Fuji.

My research told me the trail head was located behind the elementary school and marked with a Tori gate. Bingo! We began our upward climb.

The view from Mt. Miurafuji didn’t disappoint. We were so happy to have a clear enough day to see Mt. Fuji!

No matter when I see Mt. Fuji, it makes me super happy! There was a shrine at the summit and we took a few pictures before continuing on our hike.

The trail took us down and then back up to Mt. Takeyama.

Along the trail we passed an old gun turret.

We also passed a map and signs giving us updated directions.

I took a picture of this sign for my mom. I hope it makes her chuckle. She would tell us a story when we traveled on road trips about “Falling Rocks” – it was a ploy to keep the three of us quiet for a little bit…

We continued up and down.

Finally, we made it to Mt. Takeyama and enjoyed more beautiful views.

We also discovered a hidden away temple.

We finished our hiking loop and made our way back to the train station. What a great day! This will definitely be on our list when you visit!

One more thing, I took a couple of close up pictures of the map. The characters are hilarious.

And my favorite sign from the day!!