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Typhoon Mindulle

Typhoon Mindulle came to visit and moved along.  We received a lot of rain.  Approximately 2.5 inches.  We were very fortunate and didn’t have any issues with our windows leaking or flooding.

When we woke, it was already raining.  Around 10:15 or so, we received a Emergency warning from the Japanese emergency broadcast system through our cell phones. Our phones vibrated and chimed a unique jingle to gain our attention.  The notification looked like this:

Google translate told us it meant:

Fortunately, we are in Zushi and Kamakura is about 20 minutes away. Kamakura is where we went on our field trip during AOB. Where we saw the Shinto Shrine & Great Buddha.

We relied on FB to receive our updates because we don’t have a television or radio. We did hear of one train accident caused by a landslide. Six people onboard. No one was injured.

The radar of the storm.

Peak wind readings.

All things considered we were very fortunate. Here are a couple pictures from the flooding. This is outside our front door.

We now have lake front property.

One of our neighbors living in one of the high rise towers posted this picture of the flooded soccer fields near the main gate of housing.

For us, it was a pretty quiet rainy day with fantastic news.  I did a dance of joy when Dave read the email stating our Household Goods will be delivered on Wednesday!  YES!  Wednesday.  Day after tomorrow!!  8/24/16!! That means it is time for me to swing into unpacking action.  Grip it & rip it!  It only took 55 days.  In fact, that is 8 days earlier than the 9/1/2016 scheduled delivery date. I LOVE early!


These boots were made for hiking… 


Hi – Chew or Chu – Hai

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  1. Julie Golinghorst

    Glad you are safe Jules!!! That was some crazy weather!!! And looks like you will be a busy lady come Wednesday!!! Cant wait to see pics of your place all pulled together!!! Hugs!

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